Brexit Türk vatandaşlarını etkileyecek mi?

Brexit Türk vatandaşlarını etkileyecek mi?

After the UK Prime Minister May’s meeting with the Brexit draft yesterday, European Council President Donald Tusk announced the critical date for the Brexit Summit. How will Turkish citizens be affected by this situation?

Donald Tusk, President of the EU Council, announced that a summit will be held on 25 November for the signing of the Brexit Agreement.

British Prime Minister yesterday Turkey clock 17:00 May the  prime minister  met with cabinet members on the issue and  European  separation from the Soviet Union (Brexit) had discussed the draft.
After a long meeting of 5 hours,  the agreement between the European negotiators and the  UK was approved.
May, who received the support of the Council of Ministers, made a statement to the wife of the cameras.
He stressed that this was a “long and detailed” decision-making process.
British Prime Minister May, taking into account national interests, said the decision was in line with the results of the Brexit referendum.
May; This decision will create a new future for our country or will take us back and ignore the promises of referendum, ” he said.
The UK prime minister finished his speech with the following words; ”I absolutely believe in my mind and my heart that this decision    will be the best for UK interests“
Responding to questions from press workers, May returned to his home right after this brief explanation.
In the UK’s referendum last year, Brexit voted 51% for the  European Union .
After the busy day in the UK, according to the BBC at least 27 people who were demonstrating against Brexit were arrested.
How will Turkish citizens in the UK be affected?
Immigration law expert Mehmet Polat  commented on the impact of this situation on the thousands of Turkish citizens in the UK with the Ankara Agreement visa  .
“Brexit made between Europe and Turkey after  Ankara  Agreement shall be considered invalid by Britain. In this case, it will be possible for Turkish citizens to turn towards their investors or representative visas. Currently, the Ankara Agreement visa and the rights of citizens in the UK will continue to be valid. Mevcut

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